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Dear Serious marketers,

First we’ll tell you exactly what a phone verified account is and how you can make money off them. Craigslist PVA stands for Craigslist Phone Verified Account. Craigslist recently started requiring all new craigslist accounts be phone verified in order to post on craigslist, and you are only allowed between three posts per 24 hours per account. So the only way to post several ads in several cities is to have more than one account.

So if you want to post ads in multiple cities, you need to have lot’s of craigslist phone verified accounts. You can search on the internet that there are a lot of vendors selling Craigslist phone verified accounts. On average, the cost per  PVA is $7

But today we are going to reveal the secrete and provide you a  system that can generate tons of craigslist phone verified accounts. This is unstoppable!

You want a system that generates codes for your craigslist accounts Verification.

  • You are not interested in the system in which you have leave your home and pick your phone.
  • You simply want something that is going to WORK for you right now.
  • If you follow the simple instructions, you’ll be on your way to creating 100+ craigslist PVA ‘s Per day! This system work’s as consistently and dependably as the sun rises.
How to Create Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts
Here is what we’ll be covering in how to create craigslist PVA’S
  • Implement our step by step guide
  • Set-up your Email account in order to get craigslist phone verification codes
  • Check your Email account and prove it to yourself – This really does work!

If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you can hire  VA and outsource all the work on a very cheap price.

Here is screenshot of one of our email account that we integrated with this system. And created 6 PVAS under Half hour on autopilot!

Screen Shot _1

Imagine if have 30-40 new craigslist PVA’S every day you can post 100 ads per day for the next 90 days. Getting this system in place for just one day..!!

Even if you do not want to post on craigslist, this method can be very profitable by selling phone verified accounts to other webmasters, as there is a VERY high demand for them.. (Can sell them easily for $5 a pop.. or even charge as high as $10 if you have a website)

We have a tested and proven method that have been banking us a lot of money through selling craigslist PVA’S. How? We are using a simple method that work’s perfectly.





The Amazing Craigslist System is:-

  • A unique System that generates craigslist phone verification codes and comes directly to your email account
  • A complete system that will take you automatically by the hand, and walk you through everything step-by-step to make sure you’re successful.
  • This has nothing to do with the crappy “drive to phone booth” method… you don’t have to leave you house. This method also does not involve disposable phone numbers!

Craigslist pva

Get access to all of our killer craigslist pva methods and insider tactics that have been proven to generate $1000’s of dollars every single week consistently.

Words cannot describe how invaluable this material is. All of the research work has already been done for you. Make the right choice today and cash in our craigslist PVA system using insider secrets!

You can search long and hard and I will guarantee you this: This information is worth $100’s of dollars… and it would take you Years of your precious time and money to figure it all out by yourself.



Don’t want to Create Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts Yourself ? 

Try out our Manually Created Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts.

 Are you struggling to post ads on craigslist ?  Are you tired of getting your ads flagged and removed by craigslist ? You Need high quality Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts  that you can use to post ads on craigslist.!

We provide high quality Craigslist Phone Verified With 90 Days Validity.

  • Our Accounts Valid for 90 Days
  • Each Account Created with Unique IP address ( Geo Located)
  • A test post  made in order to lock PVA from getting blocked
  • Instant 24 Hours Delivery


Our Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts comes up with best price and great quality ! All accounts have been created manually by our experienced team. NO Software used !

Each account created with unique and fresh US IP address.


Select Your Package and Order Below!

  • 90 Days Validity
  • Each PVA Made with fresh US Ip address
  • Work with all craigslist sections
  • Instant 24 Hours Delivery


  1. How you create the PVA’s ? We create them manually with US fresh ip address 2. Which section your Craigslist PVA’s Works ? Our PVA Work’s with all craigslist sections 3.  I just purchased, When i’ll get PVA’s ? We mostly deliver PVA’s with in 24 hours But sometime it may take upto 48 hours. 4. Does your Craigslist Phone Verified Account get’s banned on craigslist. Our Accounts are high quality, as long as you stick with craigslist rules, you PVA won’t get banned.

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